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Industry Articles by Our Founder, Jack Shea

Technology Decision Cycle Tracks the Recovery
A number of new technology innovations are available for rental management software that can lead to significant improvements in the productivity of a rental business.

Are You Utilizing Your Service Inventory?
Rental businesses can benefit from using their software technology to put inventory and human resources to work in unconventional ways.

Trend Without End: Rental Software Integration
Learn why the greater availability of integrated applications is leveling the playing for rental businesses of all sizes. Is it time for you to add more functionality?

Analyze This: Data mining transforms customer information into knowledge
Discover how data mining transforms customer information into knowledge. Learn how to focus on the data that will grow your business – high profit, high value, low risk customers and prospects.

Computerization: Investing in the Future
Incorporating technology can yield incremental revenue to your business. Here’s how to take a true measure of the cost of your computer investment and the benefits you will receive.

Transportation Technology Transformed
Utilizing GPS and RFID technology in a rental business can lead to improved order fulfillment, customer satisfaction and overall efficiency.


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